Winter Storm Alert!

Our forecast for tonight continues to call for some snow accumulation, bringing with it the probability of roadway icing on overpasses, exit/entrance ramps, secondary parish roads and bridges. Ouachita Parish Public Works and LA DOTD crews are monitoring roadways to help minimize the impact but expect some hazardous roadway conditions in several areas.

If the forecast proves correct, we encourage motorists to avoid travel early in the morning if possible until conditions improve.  However, realizing some will have to travel, below are some safe driving tips to keep in mind:

-Avoid travel unless necessary.

-Leave earlier than normal, allowing extra time for your trip.

-Reduce your normal speed…drive slowly and avoid any distractions. Stay alert to other traffic and conditions.

-Drive in lower gears on hills and slopes.

-Expect overpasses and bridges, especially in rural areas, to be iced.

-Maintain considerable (more than normal) distance between your vehicle and others to allow more stopping room.

-Be aware of emergency responders and roadway crews that may be present.

-Do not go around any barricades blocking roadways.  It is against the law and they are there for a reason.

-Be very aware of the possibility of BLACK ICE-a thin, transparent layer of ice on roadways that is virtually invisible.  Black ice is common on bridges, overpasses, off-ramps and shaded roadways.

-For road conditions in your area and statewide, you can dial 511 or download the Louisiana 511 mobile app on your mobile device.  You can also visit their website at