Suspect Arrested for 3 Cts. of Attempted Murder

Ouachita Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of someone attempting to shoot another person at a residence on Vancil Road in West Monroe at approximately 0840 hrs. November 2, 2014.

Upon arrival, Deputies were able to determine the suspect, David Arthur Smith, age 49, of West Monroe had committed an unprovoked attack on a 76 year old homeowner, beating him to the point of unconsciousness. The suspect, Smith, then attacked a 72 year old neighbor that had armed himself with a handgun and came to the aid of the first victim. The suspect took the handgun away from the neighbor and proceeded to fire a shot at the head of the neighbor, victim #2. The shot missed, at which point the suspect held the weapon to the head of victim #2 and attempted to shoot again, but the gun would not fire.

The suspect then stole the second victim’s vehicle that was at the scene and ran over victim #2 at least twice while leaving. The suspect then fled the scene in the vehicle at a high rate of speed across the street to the residence of the second victim. The wife of the second victim was observed by the suspect to be standing outside their residence, contacting the Sheriff’s Office by phone. The suspect drove toward the wife, running over her and then crashing the vehicle into the carport area of her residence. The suspect then abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene on foot.

Deputies immediately searched a wooded area near the scene and located the suspect. Smith was arrested and transported to OCC where he was booked on 3 cts. of Attempted First Degree Murder, Second Degree Robbery, Carjacking and Aggravated Damage to Property. All 3 victims were taken by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment, conditions unknown at this time. Victim #2 has been airlifted to a Shreveport hospital due to his injuries.

David A. Smith