Sheriff Russell Warns of Court Summons Phone Scam

Ouachita Sheriff’s investigators are currently investigating an apparent phone scam concerning jury duty or a court subpoena.  Ouachita residents have reported receiving a phone call from a person identifying themselves as a Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputy.  The caller goes on to state that a member of the household he has called failed to appear in court as summoned.  The caller then advises a warrant has been issued and someone must send in a voucher to pay the fine or the party listed will be arrested.  In some cases, the caller may tell the person to go to an ATM machine to withdraw cash for a Green Dot card to pay the fine or may advise other similar means to pay it.

This is a phone scam, one of many similar throughout the country.  The information given to the receiving party is completely false.  The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office does not contact residents in any manner such as this asking for cash, cash cards or vouchers.  Should you receive a call of this or a similar nature, please contact the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-329-1200.