Sheriff Russell Offers Vehicle Burglary Prevention Tips

PressReleaseSheriff Jay Russell reminds Ouachita Parish residents that motor vehicle burglary is a crime of opportunity. Often, a vast array of items, such as firearms, laptops, GPS devices, cell phones and other items are left in unattended vehicles. These items can be easily stolen and pawned for quick cash. It only takes a few seconds to break a window, gain entry and steal these type items. Sheriff Russell offers these tips to help prevent becoming the victim of a vehicle burglary:

1.  Lock the vehicle. While a thief can break a window, doing so creates noise that can attract attention. A thief prefers not to create any noise that might draw a passerby’s attention.
2.  Hide valuable items from sight inside the vehicle or take them with you if possible. If your vehicle has trunk space, lock the items in the trunk. This prevents any “window shopping” thief from seeing anything in your vehicle when they look inside. Remember, hide the items prior to parking and leaving the unattended vehicle.
3.  Park your vehicle in a well-lit, non-secluded type parking area. Preferably one with a lot of visibility and people walking nearby.
4.  If you must leave certain items in your vehicle, such as the stereo system, record the mfg. and serial number information should the items be stolen. This aids in recovery identification.

“There is not a 100% effective measure to prevent vehicle burglaries. But a common sense approach, beginning with locking the vehicle and hiding or removing valuables, will go a long way toward protecting you against becoming a victim” said Sheriff Russell.