Sheriff Russell Issues Phone Scam Warning

Sheriff Jay Russell has issued a warning of a phone scam to Ouachita Parish residents.   The Ouachita Sheriff’s Office has received complaints of residents receiving a phone call from someone identifying themselves as working for Entergy Disconnect.  The caller is contacting the resident to advise them they owe a past due bill for meter upgrades in the amount of $495.00 or a close figure to that amount.  The caller then advises the resident they can pay immediately over the phone by using a credit card or they can go to an address in the area to pay in person.  However, the addresses given are not valid.   Entergy is aware of the activity and confirmed they are not contacting customers nor would they do so in this manner. 

Sheriff Russell reminds residents to never give out credit card or other personal information to unsolicited calls received of this nature as they are scams.  Should you receive a call of this type or similar, you are asked to contact the Ouachita Parish Sheriffs Investigative Division at 318-329-1200.