Sheriff Jay Russell Warns of IRS Phone Call Scam

PressReleaseThe Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office has received several calls from Ouachita Parish citizens indicating they have received phone calls from a caller identifying themselves as an agent with the Internal Revenue Service. The caller continues by saying the person answering the call owes the IRS a sum of money and if it is not paid immediately, a sheriff’s deputy will come to the residence and arrest them. If the call is not answered, the caller may even go so far as leaving a message on an answering machine that it is urgent the call is returned.

Sheriff Russell advises this is a scam that has periodically circulated throughout the United States. The IRS does not call and demand any type payment unless you have first been notified by mail. If the IRS does contact you, it is only after you have been through their appeal process. The IRS does not solicit private credit or debit card information over the phone nor do they have local law enforcement arrest you if you do not pay.

Sheriff Russell warns never give your personal information to anyone over the phone and report any suspicious phone calls of this type to your local law enforcement agency.