Sheriff Jay Russell Offers Guidelines for Drivers during Traffic Stops

Many motorists at some point have been or will be stopped by law enforcement while operating a vehicle on public roadways.  In an effort to help the motoring public understand the procedures used by law enforcement officers during these situations, Sheriff Russell offers the following guidelines for drivers in Ouachita Parish:


  • Drive your vehicle to the right out of the main travel lanes.
  • Curtail any distractions, i.e. radio, cell phone conversations, etc. and lower your window or windows so that you can listen for and focus on instructions given by the officer.
  • If at night, turn on your interior lighting to allow the officer to easily see the interior of your vehicle.
  • Keep your hands completely visible to the officer by placing both of them on the steering wheel.
  • Do not make any sudden movements.
  • If you have a weapon in the vehicle, advise the officer immediately what and where it is.
  • Stay seated in your vehicle with your hands on the steering wheel unless directed to exit the vehicle by the officer.  Do not move your hands from the steering wheel until instructed to do so.