Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office Hosts Louisiana Tactical Police Officers Association Training Conference

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office hosted the Louisiana Tactical Police Officers Association Training Conference this week at the Ouachita Parish Rifle range.  This is an annual event held by the LTPOA at different agencies each year.  Training sessions are held for SWAT and Tactical Response teams representing agencies throughout the state.  Topics include but are not limited to Leadership, Hostage Rescue, Dignitary Protection and Firearms.

A competition is also held for the participating teams.  The teams compete against each other in various physical events, including pistol and long arms matches and an obstacle course.  Winners are recognized in each individual event and overall winners are selected as well.  This year, Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, Hammond Police Department and Ascension Parish Sheriff’s office finished first through third place overall in that order.  The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, being the host, did not compete.

The conference provides important training and the opportunity for team members to improve their skills.  It also provides the opportunity for agencies to interact with each other, as often they are called upon to assist each other with major incidents.

Click the link below for a video of a team completing the obstacle course competition:

Obstacle Course Competition