Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office Conducts Street Crime Operation

 Deputies of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s office conducted street operations on January 10 & 11, 2019.   Due to the violent, gun related activity in specific areas of south Monroe, these areas were targeted.  Approximately 80 Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputies were involved during the two day period, plus officers  from Metro Narcotics, Monroe Police Department, Louisiana National Guard Counter Drug Air Wing  and the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Ninety arrests were made during the operation, including one warrant for Attempted Second Degree Murder.  Two were arrested for Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.  Five firearms and one bullet-proof were seized as evidence.  Numerous narcotics seizures were made as well.

For complete details of the operation, see the list below:

Statistics for the operation:


Warrant Arrests  28

Probable Cause Arrests:

Felony  23

Misdemeanor  39

Total Arrests:   90

 Citations:  20

 Traffic Stops Conducted:  196

Contacts:  360

Drug Seizures:

Marijuana  1314 grams

3 cigarettes

1.5 ozs.

PCP Cigarette  1

Cocaine  ½ gram

Methamphetamine  ½ gram

False CDS (Methamphetamine)  11 grams

Ecstasy  96 pills

Prescription Pills  44 assorted prescription pills

Promethazine  12 ml.

Miscellaneous Seizures:

5 Firearms

1 Body armor vest

$1200 in US Currency

Agencies Participating:

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office

Monroe Police Department

Metro Narcotics Unit

Louisiana National Guard Counter Drug Air Wing

U.S. Drug Enforcement Adm.

Click the link below for video of aerial support by the La. National Guard Air Wing: