Ouachita Correctional Center Institutes Video-based Visitation Program

Two distinct issues affect jails nationwide: recidivism and contraband.  Recidivism costs taxpayers who have to house inmates who have already been through the criminal justice system, in many cases, several times before.  Contraband, such as illegal drugs, transforms a normally controlled environment into an unstable one, causing safety issues for guards and inmates alike.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office is addressing these issues with its’ new video-based visitation system at the Ouachita Correctional Center.  This system will offer inmates the opportunity to visit with family and friends on a more frequent basis.  Studies have shown that more flexible visitation policies can cause a decrease in recidivism.  The system will also decrease the number of visitors onto the OCC compound, thereby decreasing the chance of contraband being smuggled in.

This web-based system is an alternative available for those who would rather visit from their home or office, as opposed to driving to the OCC compound and waiting in line twice a month. Family and friends can find the link at OPSO.NET. Here they will receive a user friendly tutorial, concerning the rules, software requirements, and how to schedule a visit.  On the day of the visit, the monitor located in the inmate living area will flash to notify the inmate that a visit has been scheduled.

Software Note: The system is designed to be compatible with available software.  However, should you encounter a problem, follow the instructions above and read the information outlining software requirements to correct the issue.

**Remote visits cost $9 for a 20 minute visit.  Future plans will allow for free on-site video-based visits from a building located at the front gate**