OPSO Warns of Phone Scam

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputies are warning residents of a phone scam currently circulating in our area.  The caller states he is a Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputy and the person receiving the call has failed to submit a DNA sample as required in a court case.  The caller may identify himself as a Lt. Sellars with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office and noticeably does not pronounce the name Ouachita correctly. The caller will also leave a call back number of 318-460-1501 or may leave an entirely different number.

This is another example of a scam to obtain your personal information.  The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office does not solicit this type information or any personal information by phone.

Should you receive this type call, notify your local law enforcement agency. Do not give out any of your information nor return the call if you receive a voice mail with the phone number.