OPSO Warns of Phone Scam

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office has received several reports today of a variation of the scam that has been circulating throughout our region.

The caller will state he is Deputy Yates with OPSO, either talking directly with whoever answers the phone or will leave a message in voicemail. The phone number appearing on your caller ID will show our number, 318-329-1200 but the number has been spoofed, masking the real number. The caller will say that a warrant has been issued for arrest of the person receiving the call. The person has to pay $500 immediately per his instructions to take care of the matter and avoid arrest. If the message is left in voicemail, he will leave a return phone number to call of 318-202-8616. Should you call that number back, you will get a recording identifying it as Deputy Yates with instructions.

This is a variation of the same type scam that has been around for some time. The stories given vary, but the caller always wants your personal card information or gives instructions to purchase cash cards to pay a fine to avoid arrest.

Persons receiving these type calls are reminded the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office does not solicit any type fine money or payments in this manner, nor does any other law enforcement agency.

Should you receive any calls of this nature, notify your local law enforcement agency and the Federal Trade Commission using their website,ftc.gov/complaint