OPSO Warns Of Online Purchasing Scam

The recent investigation by Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Investigators into merchandise being purchased online using stolen credit card information has led to the discovery of a nationwide scam that has victimized some Ouachita Parish residents.

Applicants apply to an online job posting with a shipping company on various social media platforms. In this particular case the company was listed as Turbo Quad.

The employment agreement is that packages will be shipped to their address or a local pick-up location and they are to retrieve the package and reship to another destination. The locations appear to be in other states across the country. The shipping company provides all shipping labels for the next location.

** These packages are being purchased under stolen identities using stolen credit information in the possession of the shipping company posting the ad.

The applicants ultimately provide all their personal information and become victim to unauthorized credit accounts and IRS filings as well.

Several variations of these type posts are currently seen on various social media platforms.

Sheriff Jay Russell and Deputies remind you to always verify potential employers before you respond with any information.  There are numerous ways to do this, including contacting the Better Business Bureau.

Never give out your personal information, especially credit information, social security number, etc. to anyone that you cannot verify who they are and that they are legitimate.

If you have been a victim of this particular scam or any other type of scam, notify your local Law Enforcement Agency.