OPSO Warns of Jury Duty Telephone Scam

Sheriff Jay Russell warns Ouachita Parish residents and those in surrounding parishes that a nationwide telephone scam involving callers claiming to be U. S. marshals, court officers or other law enforcement officials has once again began operating in our area.

The caller attempts to collect a fine in lieu of arrest of the victim for failing to report for jury duty.   The caller will usually identify themselves as one of the agents listed above and tell the person receiving the call they failed to report to jury duty and must pay a fine to avoid arrest. The caller is very convincing, giving badge information in some cases or other identification information to convince the victim of their authenticity. The caller will instruct the victim to go to a particular location and by cash cards or money orders in order to pay the fine.

The caller in many cases will spoof their phone numbers to that the number will appear on your caller ID as a court or law enforcement agency.  This is a common scam tactic.

These and any similar type calls instructing the victim to buy cash cards or money orders to pay a fine are a SCAM.  The U. S. Marshal Service does not contact anyone advising them to purchase cards or money orders to pay a fine in lieu of arrest, nor does any law enforcement agency, including the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office.  Should you receive calls of this type, do not give the caller any information or purchase any cash cards or money orders to avoid arrest.  Contact your local law enforcement agency advising them of the call.