OPSO Top Gun Steel Challenge Set for July 18, 2015

The OPSO Top Gun Steel Challenge will be held July 18, 2015

Registration 7:15 – 8:15 – Opening Ceremonies & Safety Meeting 8:30 – First Shot 9:00

Pre Registration:  Begins May 17, 2015 and ends June 28th.  When you preregister and payment is received you will receive a Top Gun T-Shirt when you check in.

A link is posted below that you can click to get the registration form.

The Top Gun Prize:  is for a shooter that competes with a Center fire and a Rim fire completing the 5 Stages with the total lowest combined score.  We will award a Pro Top Gun and an Amateur Top Gun Award.

Entry Fee:  Single Gun – $35.00 – Top Gun Entry – $50.00

Cash Prizes & Awards will be awarded to: Pro/Am Top Gun Shooters.  The 5 Fastest Center fire Stage Winners and Division Winners.

Pro – is a shooter with a National Ranking of B class or above.

We will shoot 5 Stages, 5 runs on every stage, dropping the slowest run on each stage.

Five magazines and 150 rounds or more are required depending on how accurate you are.

SquadsIf you have a group you want to be teamed with please register as a group.


Five to Go –   Show Down – Pendulum –   Speed Option –   Plates

Optional Stage

Split the Pot Glock-A Glock 34 will be disassembled. The slide, barrel and spring will be placed on a table.  There will be 3 rounds of ammo placed next to the magazine.  Time starts-the shooter reassembles the Glock, loads the 3 rounds in the mag, inserts the mag into the pistol and shoots 3 steel plates.  Time stops on last plate.  A 10 second penalty will be added for each plate missed.  Shooter can purchase as many chances as desired.                    Best time wins half the cash pot!!


We have a special door prize to be given away at the banquet.  Must be present to win!!!  All shooters will receive a chance to win a GLOCK that will be drawn at the Banquet so make plans to stay!!