OPSO Public Service Announcement Video Illustrates What Drivers Should Do During a Traffic Stop

A question often heard in conversation and on social media is “What do I do if stopped by a law enforcement officer?” While the majority of the motoring public never comes in contact with law enforcement through the means of a traffic stop, a large percentage of drivers do.  Several months ago, Sheriff Jay Russell and deputies involved in the OPSO Deputies Making A Change program began developing a video public service announcement, detailing what a motorist should expect and what they should do should they be stopped.  While the main purpose of the video would be to educate youngsters in the DMAC program and other youth programs the OPSO sponsors, it also serves as a public service announcement for adults through the use of local television and social media.

Recognizing the importance of the message contained in the video, the Louisiana Legislature recently passed in June legislation establishing required training for beginning drivers on what to do if stopped. The training requirement is expected to be signed into law and requires training, as illustrated in this video, for new drivers prior to applying for their license.

“We began working on the idea several months ago of trying to help the motoring public understand what to do if stopped by a law enforcement officer” said Sheriff Jay Russell. “We hope, through the use of this public service announcement, drivers will have a better understanding on what to do should they be stopped.”

Click the link below for the Public Service Announcement video: