OPSO Investigating Incident Involving “Potato Gun”

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Investigators are currently investigating an incident where a suspect or suspects appeared to have fired a “potato gun” type weapon at a residence in Calvert Crossing Subdivision recently. Fortunately, no one was injured and the residence was not damaged.

The projectile fired was a water bottle, as it was found by the property owner in the front yard.

A surveillance camera video taken at the time of the incident shows the suspect(s) in a vehicle driving past the residence and firing the weapon.

Anyone with any information regarding the identities of the suspect(s) is asked to contact the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-329-1200.

Note:  A potato gun, (sometimes known as a spud gun), is a pipe-based gun which uses air pressure (pneumatic) or combustion of a flammable gas (aerosol, propane, etc.) to launch projectiles at high speeds. They are built to fire chunks of potato or to fire other types of projectiles.  A malfunction of the gun when fired by the user or a victim being struck by a projectile can result in serious injury. Projectiles can also cause major property damage as well.

Click the link below to view surveillance camera video: