OPSO Investigating Card Skimming Theft

OPSO Investigators Investigate Card Skimming Theft

OPSO Investigators are currently investigating the theft of debit card PIN numbers by suspects using a card skimming device.  The devices were actually placed inside the gas pumps at convenience stores in Ouachita and surrounding parishes. The devices were in place several days before they were discovered. Since the device is internal, customers do not detect its presence.

This is a common crime occurring throughout the United States.  Usually the suspects pick a location, install the equipment and use it for a period of time, then move on to another location.

Customers can avoid being victims by two means.  Use the debit card as a credit card, thereby not entering the PIN number, or use a regular credit card.

Sheriff Jay Russell advises residents to always monitor your debit and credit card transactions closely and report any unauthorized activity to your banking institution and local law enforcement.

Below are photos of the suspects taken by video surveillance.   Anyone having any information concerning these suspects is asked to contact the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-329-1200.