OPSO Announces the Concealed Carry Weapons Courses for 2016

Concealed Carry Weapon courses, sponsored by the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office Concealed-Carry-Class1-150x150Reserve Unit, are scheduled for the following dates for 2016 at the Ouachita Parish Range:
February 13th             July 16th
May 28th                      August 27th
June 18th                     October 15th
Registration is required. The cost for the course is $100 and lunch is included. Participants will be required to furnish their on weapon and 36 rounds of ammunition, magazines or speed loaders along with safety glasses and hearing protection. To register or for more information, contact Sgt. Mickey Watts at the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Rifle Range, phone 410-2427, during normal range hours.
Visit the calendar on this website for information on all events scheduled for 2016 at the range.