Metro Narcotics of Ouachita Parish Conduct Warrant Sweep

Metro Narcotics BadgeEarly this morning, Metro Narcotics of Ouachita Parish, working with the agencies listed below, began a sweep operation in Ouachita Parish to serve 43 arrest warrants. The warrants stemmed from a several months long investigation into illegal narcotic activity in Ouachita Parish. Most of the warrant charges were drug related. Arrest teams arrested twenty-four on the warrant charges so far. Three additional arrests were made not related to the warrant charges.  All have been booked in OCC.  A quantity of narcotics, one handgun and a bullet-proof vest were also seized. The investigation is continuing.


Agencies participating in the round-up included:

Ouachita Parish Metro Narcotics

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office

Drug Enforcement Administration

Monroe Police Department

West Monroe Police Department

Louisiana Probation & Parole

U. S. Marshalls Service

11090135 11090148






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