Meet Cadeyn Williams

Meet Cadeyn Williams, (center in his stand), an angel amongst us if ever there was one.  Cadeyn has autism, but his Mother says though he has faced many struggles, he never gives up. On December 1st, while shopping with his Mother, he saw Christmas donation boxes for needy children and asked his Mother what they were. When she told him, he bought a toy and donated it. He then decided he wanted to help a needy child have a good Christmas. Through Secret Santa of Northeast Louisiana, he was able to adopt a child to help. To do so, he decided to sell snow cones. Business has done well, so well that his Mother says he has adopted a total of 4 children that he can help. Local clubs and groups have made a point to buy his snow cones and support his efforts.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputies learned that he really loved police officers and today, they paid him a visit to show their support.   Deputies visited with him and bought snow cones.  We also brought the SWAT Bearcat by for him to see. We think it made is day, we know it did ours.

Cadeyn’s Mother says he plans to continue selling the snow cones through the weekend before Christmas, as long as weather permits.  If you get a chance, swing by his snow cone stand at 703 Edwards Road in West Monroe.  You will make a young man very happy and support a great cause.