Grinch Pinched by OPSO; Children’s Christmas is Safe

Children in Ouachita Parish can sleep soundly Christmas Eve night knowing Christmas is once again safe this year.  Ouachita Parish Sheriff Jay Russell issued a press release today stating The Grinch has been arrested.

“The Grinch, aka Mr. Grinch, a resident of Mount Crumpit near Whoville, has been arrested earlier today and is currently being held in OCC” Sheriff Russell stated in the release.

Sheriff Russell said his department had received reliable information Saturday afternoon from Cindy Lou of Whoville that The Grinch was hiding in Ouachita Parish and was planning to steal all the Christmas trees, ornaments, decorations and presents that were for Ouachita Parish children.

“We received a tip from Cindy Lou detailing the plans of the Grinch.  We immediately set up surveillance and were able to spot his dog, Max, who was traveling on the shoulder of Highway 139 in Swartz.   We caught Max, secretly placed a microphone on his collar, and then let him continue on his way”, said Sheriff Russell.  “Fortunately, he went straight to The Grinch who was hiding in the woods near Rowland Road.  We knew The Grinch always told his dog everything, so we were able to listen to him tell Max of his plans to ruin Christmas for the children in our parish.”

With the taped conversation as evidence, Ouachita Deputies moved in to make the arrest early this morning. Deputies working surveillance (link for the video below) arrested The Grinch in a nearby neighborhood as he was checking houses, entering information into his iPad making his final plans to steal all the children’s Christmas trees, ornaments, decorations and presents on Christmas Eve.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Investigators interviewed The Grinch after the arrest. When The Grinch was told deputies had listened to his conversation with Max, The Grinch said “How could it be so?  It came without ribbons!  It came without tags!  It came without packages, boxes or bags!”

“My hope is that all the residents of Ouachita Parish can now relax and have a very Merry Christmas” said Sheriff Russell, as he was booking The Grinch at OCC.

Then Sheriff Russell turned to The Grinch and said “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.  You really are a heel!”

Click the link below for surveillance video and of the arrest: