The Male Mindset

The Deputies Making a Change mentor program was put into place in 2012 to decrease the incarceration rate amongst the youth male population in Ouachita parish. 2019 has been a challenging year for our community, and every young male has a shared responsibility to provide leadership to their peers and also display modest behavior in our schools. Beginning October 26th, Deputies Making a Change will host a Saturday two hour block session at every high school in Ouachita Parish. As a staff, we are concerned about the young males in our community and the decisions they are making. Since it’s onset, the DMAC program has maintained a core value structure that helps supplement the areas where our youth are lacking. These values have set the standard for students participating in the program and we feel by maximizing our efforts to reach more young men, the cycles of violence and irresponsibility can decrease. The world is constantly changing and the male structure is having to adjust and adapt swiftly. There will be targeted areas that will be covered and each session will consist of a unique Q and A session to test the retention of the information. The sessions will be conducted twice monthly at the scheduled location and the host school should provide ease of access to all attendees. There is no limit to the number of students, and parents are welcome to attend. Each session will begin promptly at 10 a.m. and end at 12 noon. Each school will have sign-up forms available or email

Illustration of puzzle pieces making up the profile of a head with seven core personal values outlined along the sides.

Session topics will include:

  1. The Male Mindset
    1. The importance of leadership
    2. Preserving the lineage
  2. Domestic Violence
    1. Real men
    2. Physical/Verbal Abuse
  3. What Does the Law Say?
    1. Explanation of crime
    2. Importance of obeying the law
  4. Street Cred
    1. Gun violence
    2. Consequences