My World Project

The My World Project

Presented By D.M.A.C.

Artwork for the My World Project. Hands of different colors encircle a globe.

Bullying has become mainstream amongst people all over the world. This method of weakness has been known to damage friendships, careers, attitudes, and mental focus. Most bullies have no other way of expressing emotions other than through manipulation or violence. Some were bullied themselves at some point in their lives, therefore causing this behavior to become a defense mechanism. Deputies Making a Change has placed a (BAN ON BULLIES) and we encourage all students to join us. The mental aspect of bullying is the most damaging. This causes a person to think RETALIATION! Retaliation can come in many forms but it will never return void. Retaliation always has CONSEQUENCES! These consequences can cause punishment or even death. If a person retaliates against a bully, it has gotten to a point of frustration and desperation. The frustration comes from being trapped in someone else’s world. There are certain ways to defeat a bully but, it will take effort on your part. Defeat will come in phases, phases that will allow you to not only one day help someone else, it will also give you the strength to overcome other things. A Bully traps you in their world and refuses to let you out. Remember, “It’s My World, not yours!”

Question: Is standing up to the Bully a good idea? In some situations it is. A bully needs a general sense of belonging, therefore he/she will not Bully unless others are present. Bullying is a sideshow, it has to create an illusion of fear. If the fear is there, the illusion is successful. If there is no fear, the Bully has to work harder to put on a show for others. If you stand up to the Bully, it gradually takes away the effectiveness and the mind game is being won.

Question: Is giving the Bully what they want a good idea? In some cases, a Bully takes material things from weaker people. They have no use for it but it’s all a part of the show. Sometimes, if giving them what they want will solve it or keep you out of harm’s way, then DO IT. However, on the other hand, giving in can cause a vacuum of harassment. So, what can we do? Overcoming harassment from a Bully can be a tough job and the proper steps must be taken. If you are a school-age child, you should never hesitate to alert the proper authority. The more that’s known about the Bully, the easier it is to make sure they are dealt with properly. Letting someone know doesn’t make you weak, it actually makes you smart. No one wants to be harassed on a daily basis. So use what I call the I. I. T. S method. Identify, Initiate, Take Action, Solve the problem. This will help to identify the Bully and take the necessary steps to stop the harassment.

Question: What type of Bully are you dealing with? There are many types of Bullies. Most of the time, some of the most unsuspecting people are Bullies. Bullies can be big, but they can also be small. Small Bullies want attention. Their personalities want and need attention. A small Bully always needs an audience. Their main goal is to impress the ones around them. If you cause the small Bully embarrassment, that will usually send them packing. If the Bully is bigger than you, normally they won’t need an audience and most will torment you without anyone knowing unless you tell someone. If Bullying is present in your school, the only way to fight is together. No one wants to be Bullied, everyone deserves a chance to make it. Banding together will ensure everyone has a voice. If someone is being bullied, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to help them. So remember these three key words Responsibility, Retaliation, and Consequences. It is your Responsibility to report any instance of bullying. Retaliation comes in different forms. If you’re being bullied and you allow it to continue without saying anything, this will cause you to retaliate in a negative way. However, if you let someone know what you are going through or what someone else is going through, this is positive retaliation. Consequences are simple, they are a result of your action. If the Bullying doesn’t stop and the victim of this harassment continues to be trapped in your world sometimes your first choice of retaliation may be the last resort. Be smart, “Overcome The Game”!