Ouachita Sheriff’s Deputies Discuss Safety Measures at Realtor Board Meeting

The Northeast Louisiana Board of Realtors invited members of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office  to speak at their  September 25th monthly meeting on  the topic of Safety Practices for Realtors.  This particular topic is one of the many areas the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office has deputies trained to instruct. Approximately 75 members of the board attended the meeting.   Lieutenant Ricky Bacle and Major Mike Moore discussed safe practices and procedures the individual realtors can set up with their companies to help insure their safety while conducting house showings.  Sergeant Chris Jerkins discussed various self defense techniques a person can use to defend themselves  should a situation develop and the confrontation become physical.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s office has several deputies trained to discuss and instruct  groups on a wide variety of topics.  Should you be interested in setting something up for your group, contact Lt. Bacle @ 318-410-2421 or the Administration section of the Ouachita Sheriff’s Office @ 318-324-2550.