The Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force conducted two street crime operations during the past two weeks.  The first was conducted July 21st, 22nd and 23rd.  The second was conducted July 31st, August 1st and August 2nd.   All areas of Ouachita Parish, including the municipalities of Sterlington, Monroe and West Monroe were targeted.  The Task Force was comprised of Sheriff’s Deputies and Police Officers from eight local agencies.                                                              


Statistics for the 6 Day Operation                                                     


Warrant Arrests:                                                            92

Drug Arrests:                                                                 129

Other Felony or Misdemeanor Arrests:                             20

Total Arrests:                                                                  241

Knock and Talks:                                                              6

Citations:                                                                         165

DWI’s:                                                                                   3

Drug Seizures

Seizures reflect one or more arrests with exceptions of ¼ ounce and 1/8 ounce bags of marijuana and marijuana cigarettes in which totals for the month are combined


(1) pound

(4.5) ounces

(11) ¼ oz. bags

(64) 1/8 oz. bags

(118.5) grams

(1) marijuana plant

(32) marijuana cigarettes

(1) bag synthetic marijuana

Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin Ecstasy, PCP etc.

(10) rocks of crack cocaine

(6.5) grams of cocaine

(121.5) grams of methamphetamine

(2) oz. of PCP

(1) PCP cigarette

Prescription Pills

(305) units of assorted prescription pills

Other Miscellaneous Seizures

$1835.00  cash

(3)  motor vehicles

(17)  firearms

(1) meth lab

 Task Force Agencies Participating: 

Monroe Police Department

West Monroe Police Department

Louisiana State Police

Louisiana Department of Public Safety

ULM Police Department

Sterlington Police Department

Metro Narcotics

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Department

4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office