SCAT Arrests Convicted Felon

On 4/11/14 the Special Crimes Apprehension Team SCAT conducted an investigation at 158 Mill Creek Rd.  Deputies learned that William David Futch was a convicted felon and was in possession of a large amount of tactical style firearms.

A search of his residence was conducted that resulted in locating 11 firearms, most of which were tactical style weapons. Also located at the residence were two homemade suppressors, as well as the makings of several other suppressors. These items were turned over to the ATF for possible Federal charges.

Also located at the residence was suspected marijuana and pharmaceutical drugs.

Williams was arrested and booked into OCC on the following charges:

Possession of Sch lll (Hydrocodone)

Simple possession of CDS l (marijuana)

Possession of Sch lll (clonazepam)

Possession of a Firearm in the presence of CDS

Possession of a Firearm by a convicted Felon

Possession of CDS in the presents of Juveniles


William D. Futch