2014 CSI Forensic Camp

This two-day camp is designed for youth 14-18 years old who want hands-on experience with a crime scene investigation. Students will have the opportunity to work on a mock crime scene and use engaging activities to solve the crime. Activities will include but are not limited to forensic art, fingerprint analysis, footwear impressions, collecting and preserving evidence, and identifying bloodstains. This camp will allow students to work with professionals in the field, and get the full prospective of what being an investigator is really like.

Workshop Highlights

Forensic Art / Drawing the Face You Never See

Learn what it is like to be the witness to a crime and have to describe the suspect to an artist. Have the opportunity to try their hand at being the artist and compose a drawing from many different reference photographs.

Fingerprints / Hidden prints

Learn how to identify the different patterns in a fingerprint. Have hands on training on lifting fingerprints from evidence and to try to make a matching identification between fingerprints.

Footwear Impressions / Casting Ghosts

Learn to identify footwear impressions associated with a crime scene scenario. Learn to cast the impression and learn how to match and identify to what brand of shoe the impression was made from.

Forensic Evidence Collection / Preserving the Past

Collect and preserve articles of evidence associated with a crime scene. Students will be given a crime scene scenario and have to document, collect and report how the evidence is associated with the crime.

Bloodstain Patterns / Bloody Secrets

Learn how to identify different bloodstains and how they relate to the events of a crime scene. Learn the dynamics of blood in motion with hands on experimentation of creating bloodstains.

Registration Process

To register, fill out the below registration form and return it to our office by May 16, 2014. Registration forms are also available at each school and on ed-line.


$25 Lunch and Snacks are provided.


June 9th – 10th


Contact Person:

Cpl. Sharon Bacle (318)410-2436      400 Saint John Street, Monroe, LA 71210