OPSO Public Shooting Range

The Ouachita Parish Public Range has facilities accommodating archery, pistols, rifles (up to 200 yards) and also Five-Stand Trap Shooting

Archery Range

Nestled within the 120 acre complex of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office Training Center and Public Range is the OPSO Archery Park. This Park was built in the spring of 2010 with the goal of bringing a first class archery facility to the Ouachita Parish area for the public’s use. This archery park contains many natural areas for every type of archer. As you enter the park you will notice a 5 target handicapped accessible range. This range is equipped with a 20 by 20 concrete shooting pad and 120 feet of natural wood boardwalk. Archers needing any assistance will receive one on one attention. Targets are from 10 to 30 yards.

YOUTH AREA – The future of archery lies in the hands of our youth. OPSO has made great provisions for that at the park. The youth range consists of 11 target stations out to 15 yards along with 3D targets. Archers will be shooting off a 165 foot long boardwalk slightly elevated off the ground. The youth range is located just down from the range house and is completely shaded. Archers 10 and under are asked to be supervised by an adult.

ELEVATED SHOOTING – For elevated shooting we have a 12 foot high shooting deck equipped with staircases and safety railing. This site will be used year round for hunting style shots and will be set up with 3D targets. Below the shooting tower there is an 80 yard field range with targets starting at 10 yards. Our goal is to facilitate field archer, have field tournaments as well as NASP events. (National Archery in the Schools Program)

WALK THRU BAG & 3D RANGE – Our walk through range has 21 permanent Morrell bag targets to shoot. The targets are under weatherproof pavilions and are maintained year round. The first week of every month the range will set up 20 to 25 3D targets for your enjoyment. There are 50 possible shooting positions to set up on the course making each month a different shot angle and distance.

Basic Range Procedures

1. No weapons are allowed in the Range House! NO EXCEPTIONS!
2. When a shooter signs in to use the range, he/she agrees to follow all safety rules.
3. Take only one target frame down range. Be sure you bring your target frame back in before leaving the firing line.
4. Law Enforcement Officers will be governed by the same rules and regulations as the public shooters.
5. NO alcohol or drugs allowed on this facility.
6. NO smoking or use of tobacco products is allowed on the firing line.
7. Shooters less than 16 years of age must have adult supervision with range safety knowledge.
8. Eye and ear protection is required on the firing line when the line is “Hot”, NO EXCEPTIONS!
9. It is the shooter’s responsibility to know that ALL cased weapons and magazines are safe and unloaded.
10. If you have a weapon that the action will not stay locked open, ask the Range Officer to show you the “SPENT BRASS TRICK”.
11. NEVER touch, handle, pick up or load a weapon on the shooting table or bench when the firing line has been declared “COLD”. NO EXCEPTIONS!
12. When the line is “COLD”, stand behind the yellow line. If you go down range, observe this “YELLOW LINE” rule when you return. You may go back to the table/bench ONLY when the command “LINE IS HOT” has been given.
13. Shooters are responsible for policing litter, cartridge cases, etc. from around his/her shooting table/bench.
14. Shooters who damage or destroy Range Property, intentional or not, are liable for the cost of the repair or replacement of the property.
15. The Range Master will make all decisions for the closing of the Range due to bad weather or hazardous conditions.
16. The violation of any Range Safety Rule is grounds for immediate expulsion from the facility with forfeiture of any fees or monies paid. Severe or repeated violations may result in loss of membership and permanent exclusion.

Firing Line Safety Rules

1. Only shooters and coaches are allowed on the firing line.
2. Obey all Range Officer’s commands immediately.
3. If you do not understand a range command or have a question, ask a Range Officer for help.
4. Range Officers will assign shooters a table or bench on the firing line.
5. Do not go past the red line until told to do so by a Range Officer.
6. Eye and ear protections must be in place to go on the firing line.
7. Carry firearms with the actions open, magazines out, slide locked to the rear or cylinders open.
8. Carry rifles, muzzle loaders or shotguns with the muzzle up and above head level.
9. Safety is EVERYONE’S job. Report unsafe acts to a Range Officer immediately!


Shooting Range*……………..$10 per day/$100 per year
Archery*………………………..$5 per day/$50 per year
Five-Stand Trap Shoot……….$7 per round (25 throws)
*Veterans, Law Enforcement, and Senior Citizens (65+) FREE

Hours of Operation

March-November                                                                                               November-March

Wednesday-Saturday   10:30 a.m.-6 p.m.                                                         Wednesday 10:00 a.m.-5 p.m.

Sunday  12:00 p.m.-6 p.m.                                                                                 Sunday  12:00 p.m.-5 p.m.



Telephone: 318.410.2427
Range Master: Sergeant Mickey Watts

Map to the Range

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