Transitional Work Program

The Ouachita Sheriff’s Office Transitional Work Program (formerly known as Work Release), in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Corrections, offers certain qualified offenders the opportunity to work and earn money for use upon their release.  The money earned is used to pay for child support, family support, to make restitution and pay fines.

The Transitional Work Program (TWP) provides workers with transportation to and from the job.  This ensures the employer that there will be an employee on the job.

There is zero tolerance for alcohol and drug use.  Offenders are drug and alcohol tested daily.  Any employer experiencing a problem with an offender loafing or not having the skills for the required job has only to notify the TWP and steps will be taken to correct the problem, including worker replacement if necessary.

Women’s Transitional Work Program

Sheriff Russell continually reviews options for programs that ease the burden on taxpayers to operate OCC.  One of the most successful programs is the Women’s Transitional Work Program (WTWP), which allows approved female inmates to work off-site for local businesses but are housed at OCC.  This program allows the female inmates to earn money while serving their sentence, pay for their incarceration and decrease the recidivism rate once they are released.

Fidelity Bonding Program

The Sheriff’s Office will complete and submit an application on the employer’s behalf for a six month, $5,000 free and no deductible Fidelity Bond.  The Fidelity Bond provides the employer insurance to protect the employer against employee dishonesty.  Coverage includes any type of theft, forgery or embezzlement.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

A Work Opportunity Tax Credit of $2,400 is available to qualifying employers. Contact our office and find out how it can benefit your business.


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Transitional Work Program

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