11090021Special Crimes Apprehension Team

The  Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office SCAT (Special Crimes Apprehension Team) is comprised of 10 specially trained deputies.   This team is supervised by Capt. Bob Morris.

The SCAT team conducts high intensity patrol in problem areas- targeting drug dealers, gang activity and other felony crimes in progress.  They also conduct undercover narcotic investigations and prostitution stings.   SCAT targets any recurring crimes which require specialized surveillance or covert operations in any area in the parish as well as assists other agencies including the Monroe Police Department, West Monroe Police Department, Louisiana State Police, and Metro Narcotics Unit. In 2014 SCAT made a total of 661 arrests (429 of those being for felony and misdemeanor narcotics violations, 186 being for outstanding warrants, and 46 for other felony and misdemeanor crimes).   SCAT also conducted 54 Knock & talk operations.11090012

SCAT now has a designated Anonymous Tip phone line allowing the general public to call in any information concerning illegal drug or criminal activity they might have but wish to remain anonymous.  Should the caller wish to be contacted concerning their information, he or she can leave a message with their name and phone number for a return call.  A SCAT member will contact them as requested.  The Tip Line Number is 318-998-4867.

Highly motivated SCAT deputies were also able to remove a significant quantity of illegal narcotics from the community. For 2014 the following illegal narcotics were recovered:     

10 lbs. of Marijuana
198 – ⅛ oz. bags of Marijuana
39- ¼ oz. bags of Marijuana
3-bags  of synthetic Marijuana
Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin Ecstasy, PCP

39 -kilos of cocaine
31- rocks of crack Cocaine
34- grams of Cocaine
288-grams of Methamphetamine
1.5- ounces Methamphetamine
4 PCP cigarettes
1503 units of prescription pills

Miscellaneous Seizures
55- Assorted Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols
3 Methamphetamine Labs
$76,963 in Cash

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