K-9 Unit

11090003K-9 Unit

The OPSO K-9 Unit currently employs four K-9 teams.  Each team consists of the canine and its individual handler.

Two of the K-9 teams are trained in narcotic detection.  Both currently assigned to the SCAT team. The purpose of these two K-9 teams is to give immediate support to their unit by helping detect and locate concealed narcotics, U.S. Currency, and illegal contraband. Recently, one of the K-9 teams assigned SCAT was also cross trained and certified to search for missing children and elderly persons, as well as evidence in major crime scenes.

11090061The other two K-9 teams are trained in criminal apprehension and narcotic detection, with each team being assigned to the night shifts. These K-9 teams are utilized for tracking fleeing suspects, conducting building searches for hidden suspects, along with conducting area searches to locate any discarded evidence from major crime scenes. These K-9 teams are also utilized for helping detect and locate concealed narcotics, U.S. Currency and illegal contraband.11090076

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