The Communications Division is the first point of contact for the public and is led by Captain April Martin. Currently there are 23 dispatchers, 9 of which have 10 or more years of experience. This division has 160 years of combined service.

Dispatchers handle a variety of calls, ranging from requests for information to major crimes in progress. They gather information from the public to assist the patrol deputies in responding to a call in a safe and timely manner. Dispatchers also monitor several different radio channels as they handle radio traffic for different divisions and specialized teams. OPSO communication deputies strive to promote both the safety of the public needing our assistance, and the safety of our deputies responding to those calls.  In 2013, OPSO dispatchers took over 46,000 complaints and untold thousands of  informational type calls.

Information Technology is part of the Communications unit.  The IT duties include maintaining the computer system and also all communication related equipment.

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