Investigation Division

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigative Division is comprised of 42 11090044highly trained investigators commanded by Major Jason Pleasant.  The division is responsible for all criminal investigations conducted by the Sheriff’s Office.  The CID is divided into different specialized teams focusing on specific crimes:

•The Crimes Against Property Unit primarily investigates burglaries and thefts

•The Crimes Against Persons Unit investigates homicides, rapes, robberies and related crimes

•The Domestic Violence Unit investigates relationship batteries

Crime Scene Van•The Special Victims Unit investigates crimes involving children, the elderly and related financial crimes

The Criminal Investigations Division also has members attached to the FBI Task Force and the metro Narcotics Unit.  The CID prides itself on maintaining a high clearance rate while providing professional services to the citizens of Ouachita Parish.SCAT #1


2015 Statistics:

•Conducted 4,191 investigations stemming from information submitted by Uniform Patrol

•Investigated and cleared 5 homicides

•Uniform Crime Report clearance rate of 54%





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