Court Support

Currently, 35 P.O.S.T. certified deputies are assigned the Court Support Division of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office.
While the overall mission of the division is the security of the courthouse for court related proceedings,  several other responsibilities are handled as well:


  • Court Bailiffs keep accurate court disposition information during court proceedings regarding court defendants.  Persons found guilty and remanded to the custody of the sheriff during court proceedings are arrested by the bailiffs.
    Warrant arrests are made by bailiffs during court when the situation arises as well. During jury trials, bailiffs are
    charged with the responsibility of overseeing the jurors and to assure court directives are followed.
  • Transportation Division deputies are responsible for transporting inmates from OCC to court appearances at the courthouse.  Currently, the number transported ranges from 20 to 60 daily.  These deputies also are responsible for transporting prisoners from other jails that are wanted in Ouachita Parish.  This responsibility includes transporting extradited prisoners from other states that have felony charges pending in Ouachita Parish.
  • Deputies working as subpoena servers are responsible for serving all court subpoenas for Ouachita Parish residents.
    The number of court subpoenas issued for service averaged over 500 per month for calendar year 2014.
  • Deputies assigned the Courthouse Security detail operate metal detectors during business hours and monitor all persons entering the courthouse to assure no weapons are brought into the building..